Models that I have worked with

Ashley Drusik  – “Budoir for my Valentine
Ashley came with several outfits and props to work with. She arrived early and was on point throughout the session. It was a pleasure to work with such a focused model. The shots came out great.

Tiffany Bennett  – Blacklight paint / Spring Outdoor
Tiffany & Chris were both great to work with. They were very professional, easygoing and able to ‘go with it’ when we worked around our complications. The shots came out great and look forward to working with each again.

Blue Picasso (Chris)  – Blacklight paint / Peters Kill Falls / Empty House / Underwater
Chris is great to work with. I have worked with him many times over the years and we are becoming great friends. Chris constantly pushes his own boundaries and explores his craft to the fullest extent.

Fawn Willow
Fawn was a great model to work with. A great attitude and great poise. She was professional while still letting her personality come out and it showed through in the images.

Samantha Dee
I really enjoyed working with Samantha. She was very receptive to posing instructions and had a lot of fun during the shoots. We will be working together again soon.

StarBurstBarbie (Sam)
Sam is such a pleasure to work with. She has natural talent for posing and is a very professional model.

Worked with Christin briefly on a project for Breast Cancer Awareness. I look forward to working with her again soon.

Jemma Thomason
Jemma has a natural talent and a great look. She brings powerful poses and a great attitude to the shoot.

Jessi Ryan – Makeup Artist for
Kayla Newman as model in ‘Broken Doll‘ photo shoot. Jessi did a great job and we will be working together again soon.

Marquis Evans [more]
Marquis was great. Very professional and prepared. Easy to work with.

Emily Healy – Mermaid / Emily’s Fashions / Peter Kill Falls / Yoga / more
Emily has a great ability to hold poses that embody the vision of the photographer. I had a great time working with her. We have worked together on many occasions.

Eileen Sohn – Wildlife / Paint the Painter / Underwater
Eileen has great talent with a brush. She captured the essence of each animal on our three living canvases. Flip the scene and she is a great canvas herself and brings an element of fun to the shoot like no other.

Basia K – Wildlife
Basia brings a positive attitude and spunk to the set. Creative and energetic she really got into the role during the shoot.

Kelley H – Wildlife
Kelley brings natural pizazz! She is a great model to work with and the camera loves her.

Peter Noel
Jennie Gorski
Alisa Joyce – Tattoos / BTW / Holiday / more
Jasmine DeCosmo
Tessa Pizutto – Tattoos
Elizabeth Rose (Bird) – Snow Bunnies
Brandon Karas
Sarah Cosenza – Tattoos
Melissa Hayden
Jesse Berte
Luana C – We worked together on a shoot for Breast Cancer Awareness as well as boudoir and couples. She was a fantastic model.
‘Kiersten’ – Breast Cancer Awareness
Crystal Fayo – Tattoos
Laura Burgess – First time modeling at my mass photo event in an empty house. She looked beautiful an modeled like a pro.
Naomi Sunshine Thurst – A natural model. Great facial emotions. empty house
Andre Hedley
Bryan Reeves – Bryan’s Body / Mortal Combat / Empty House

and others…

I have also worked with:
“City At Dawn”
Jonas Bros Studios of New York